How To FINALLY Overcome Procrastination

Invest in Your Small Business With Equipment Leasing

If you’re running a small business, now is the time to think big, whether you are looking at expanding via equipment leasing or purchasing new business equipment assets. The Federal Government’s focus on small business in the May budget was designed to encourage small business growth through tax cuts as well as measures to reduce red tape, promote more start-ups and hire more employees.

Cost Reduction Tips For Small Business Owners

There are many simple and easy to employ cost reduction ideas for small businesses. You can read some of these cost reduction tips below.

Opportunity Lost?

When an “opportunity” crosses the transom, there are a series of questions you should answer before jumping on it… Does it mesh with our mission? Is it in concert with our operational plan? Besides revenue, what else will we gain?

Coffee Cart Business Opportunities

No one can deny that life today goes on a much faster rate than it did before. Read on to learn more.

The Perks of the Coffee Business

Should you join the fray and get into the coffee business? Is it a practical move? Will it earn you considerable money? Or are you in for a lot of headache?

How to Discover Your Authentic Self at Any Age | Bevy Smith

Booklet Tips – Sales From Tee-Shirts or Mini Van

What’s your purpose in writing anything, whether it’s a book, article, blog post, tips booklet, or anything else? Is it because you want to be rich and famous, or only rich or only famous? Do you want to primarily be helpful to people, which may or may not be easier to do once you are rich and/or famous. Do you have a message you want to spread, to reach as many people as you can?

How to Improve Your Small Business Sales

Technically, if you are a work from home professional, you are a small business owner. Many of the tools for increasing sales in a brick and mortar small business are very relevant for work from home professionals too. Read more…

What Separates a Mediocre Business From a Highly Profitable One?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I get my business to the next level?” To answer that question, many people believe that they need a big budget or should purchase expensive equipment. This may not necessarily be the case. The truth is for many businesses you don’t need a bigger budget. You may not even need to purchase expensive equipment or hire more employees to expand a business. What you do need is to explore how a profitable business is leveraged.

Secure, Dependable and Affordable – Not a Girlfriend, But Poly Mailers

Secure, dependable and affordable are the qualities one looks for in a partner! It is a basic human nature to find the right person who gives you a feeling of security, one you can depend on and afford as well. These emotional needs are not just limited to a relational significant other, but to products too. When you buy any product, you as a buyer precisely look for all these qualities which fulfill the needs.

Your Success Is Directly Proportionate to Your Ability to Be Incredibly Honest With Yourself

In order to be successful we have to be willing to get really honest about what we are and are not doing to reach our maximum potential. We also have to have a multi-prong approach to what we do. In business this includes product/service creation, marketing and sales. There’s more than just these three, but for the sake of this post, I’ll use the comparison of product/service creation, marketing and sales.

Focus on YOUR dreams & growth

Attention Small Businesses, This One’s For You!

I love small businesses. Small businesses typically have a tighter knit group of employees, a more unified sense of collaboration, and in my opinion, a more systematic approach to completing tasks because everyone involved has an important and specific role to play in the success of the business – there is no room to slack around. However, there can also be a major downside to running a small business. Because every employee is vital to the running of the business, more is demanded from each individual. This eventually leads to tasks, both large & small, crucial & mundane, to add up and begin to pull each employee in various directions. This is why integrating the cloud into your small business could truly be a game changer.

Importance of Trucking Forms for Truck Drivers

Regulation is stringent for truck industries. Numerous documents and permits as well as trucking forms are required. Company owners should have a complete all paperwork and apply for mandatory certifications and credentials from regulatory agencies.

Three Secret Six-Figure Businesses You Can Do From Home

While most people think about home businesses as only Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Information Marketing, the horizon has grown quite a bit over the last few years. This article discusses three little known areas that are generating significant income for smart entrepreneurs.

Why Copiers For Lease Are Great For Smaller Companies

All-in-one copiers for lease are cost-effective options for your small business. Learn more about the benefits.

Booklet Tips – Prevention or Pain?

You have a positive, upbeat, optimistic, pro-active healthy view of life. Your inclination is to bring that approach to everything you do and to the message you deliver, in whatever ways you deliver it. Yet you notice it is an uphill battle. The process of getting your message out there and purchased by those you feel could benefit from it is a point of pain for yourself. What do you do and still stay true to yourself?

Ed Mylet’s Secrets to Success & Happiness


Are Small Business Plans Really Needed?

Writing a business plan or even thinking about doing it drums up feelings of dread. It is a bit tedious and takes some dedicated time. You may even think it isn’t really needed for your small business. But, you are wrong.

Ensure Quality Of Products By Acquiring Official Recognition

Certification is a tool that ensures the quality of products given by any companies. This shows that products produced by companies are able to meet the specifications and need of the customers. Now-a-days, certification is highly required by each and every commercial establishment.

4 Exit Strategies for Small Business Owners

There are many reasons that can provoke you to exit your business as a small business owner. One of the reasons is if you are tired of your current business. You can also exit if business is slow or you just want to change to another business. When exiting your business you need to have an exit strategy. Here are some of the best strategies that you can use:

3 Steps to Compelling Content

You see a post on Twitter and it makes you curious. You pop over to the website and see branding that’s congruent with your Twitter experience. They’ve just passed your first, often subconscious, “trust test”: A consistent experience across platforms. Next up?

Small Business Automated Marketing

Small business automated marketing can help sell more and make your business more profitable. Helping you attract new business, automate social marketing, and get repeat and referral business now and down the road.

How mRNA Medicine Will Change the World | Melissa J. Moore

How to Train a Small Business Staff

Are you struggling with staff problems? Do they need to be trained better to help improve your small business? Read more…

7 Step Revenue Planning and How to Ensure Profitability

A few years ago I was at a closed door meeting of business owners. We had gotten together to share information and work on our businesses. One of the members had just crossed the $500,000 mark in her business. She was understandably psyched and we were for her. Later, after dinner…

What Is Your Ethos? Are You Sending A Clear Message?

Your ethos should clearly and concisely convey the direction you want your business to go in. Your ethos should reflect your true passions and values. So step away from what you do and instead decide what your business is all about. Make your message clear, make it true. Then make sure everyone knows what it is.

Why Building a Business Feels Like Pushing a Boulder Uphill

Building your business is like pushing a boulder up hill. You start off at the bottom with bags of energy and the vision of reaching the lofty heights. Yes, you acknowledge it’s going to take time and effort, but you’re up for the challenge and raring to go.

When It Comes To Getting A New Client, When Is Enough, Enough?

The clients who take the most effort to engage are usually the ones you regret taking on six weeks later when they’re making increasingly unnecessary demands and generally making your life miserable. But, on the flip side, they’re often the most lucrative. So just how much time should you invest trying to win them over?

We Have to Stop Destroying Our Future | Al Gore

Things to Consider Before You Start Your Coffee Business

Do you love coffee with a passion? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a people-person?

Booklet Tips – Can Get Tips Online

People may question you about why it makes any sense at all to bother creating a product from your bite size brilliance when so much is already available online. After all, in many settings, it is now an online world, supported by endless electronic devices to access that online world any time of any day or night. So then what is the point of gathering and producing your information product in any format online or offline if the information is all so accessible online?

5 Best Green Cleaning Agents for End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you go about your end of tenancy cleaning, you may be hesitant due to the effects of harsh chemicals added to commercial cleaning products. Green alternatives are most welcome for those who are concerned about the harmful effects.

Christian Business Owners Still Get Paid

How to get paid without being called a passive aggressive hypocritical Christian Business Owner? If you are asked to give your services away or bend the contract “rules” adopt my Five Tips for Christian Business Owners so you get paid without the guilt trip.

7 Tips For The Small Business Owners From Small Business Owners

Are you looking to start or improve your small business. Be sure to avoid some of the pitfalls many people encounter that destroy their chance of success. Here are some tips from successful small business owners for you to focus.

The Rhythm and Rhyme of Memory, Solitude and Community | Rosanne Cash

Additional Things to Know About Getting Into the Coffee Business With a Mobile Cart

So you now have your registration and other business documents ready for your mobile cart coffee business. What other things do you need to know?

Getting Into the Mobile Cart Coffee Business

When it comes to the coffee business, mobile coffee carts are all the rage now. Learn more in this article.

Getting Into the Coffee Business for the First Time

If this is your first time to invest in the coffee business, it may be worthwhile to learn from the experiences of other start-up coffee business shop owners. You have to watch out for pitfalls that others businessmen have fallen into.

Important Considerations for a Coffee Business

If you want to go into the coffee business, you would of course want to succeed. There is no one sure recipe for success, however.

Essential Things to Help Make Your Coffee Business a Success

A successful business does not just happen. You have to take care of some essential things to make success more likely.

The Likability Dilemma for Women Leaders | Robin Hauser

How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Being a Small Business owner doesn’t mean you have to operate on a Small Scale. This article will introduce you to tips to make your Small Business look Big.

Deciding on an Office or Co-Working Space for Your Small Business

Are you finding it more and more challenging to run your small business out of your home due to distractions for pets or children? Is renting a co-working space the answer? To find out, click here…

On Blueberry Hill

It’s the extra effort that counts in business and in life. Why settle for less when you can be the best?!

5 Golden Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your New IT Support Provider

Surveys consistently show that over 50% of businesses are unhappy with their current IT support provider. However, making the switch can often be a daunting task – how do you stop yourself getting burnt again? Here’s the 5 Golden Questions you need to ask each of the contenders.

Tips for Going the Extra Mile, Competing With the Big Guys in Business

As a small business owner it’s important to be prepared to go the extra mile in business. The self-employed and small business owner can find significant ways to gain an advantage over medium or larger businesses. Let’s look at some ways to compete.

SEO: The Secret To Generating Organic Traffic

When it comes to SEO, good content isn’t always enough.

You know you have great content, but you’ve tried to promote it and it’s not getting the attention you’d hoped for.

“What’s the point of investing all this time and effort into creating content if it’s not going to help me get any traffic?” you may be wondering.

The answer is that the organic traffic formula can make or break your business.

SEO content

What exactly is organic traffic?

When your content does not rank for a Google search term, you will not receive organic traffic from that search term.

Consider this: If a user searches for “digital marketing automation software,” you may have a blog post on digital marketing automation software, but the customer cannot find it.
And if your customers can’t find it, he won’t buy your products.

How can you avoid this?

By improving your SEO efforts, you can increase your chances of ranking for popular search terms.

Once you have a high-quality website, ranking for your main keywords becomes the next priority.

So, if a user searches for your keywords, they will undoubtedly find your website through one of the major search engines.
This method of getting people to find your content via search engines is the essence of generating organic traffic.

What is the distinction between organic and inorganic traffic?

You’ve probably heard the terms “organic traffic” and “non-organic traffic.”
But what exactly does this mean? Here are some definitions from Responspartner AS’s book.

Natural traffic (search engine)

  1. Organic traffic is traffic generated by you and your website’s visitors.
  2. Organic traffic is typically the best type of traffic because it is generated by people who are genuinely interested in your content.

Non-organic transportation (paid sources)

  1. Non-organic traffic is typically generated by people who are simply surfing the web.
  2. Non-organic traffic is typically defined as traffic originating from outside sources.

What is the formula for organic traffic?

The organic traffic three-step system:

  1. Post useful content for readers on a regular basis.
  2. Increase your on-page SEO efforts (technical SEO)
  3. Distribute on Social Media

Post useful content for readers on a regular basis

What factors contribute to the success of a blog?

Many bloggers will argue that the number of visitors to their site is the most important metric of success.
However, the number of visitors to your website is only one part of the puzzle.
The quality of your content is the other piece of the puzzle.

Increase your on-page SEO efforts (technical SEO)

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that your website’s code is optimized for both on-page and off-page SEO.

The code on your website is referred to as on-page SEO.
You play an important role in optimizing your site’s code so that search engines can easily understand and display your content.

Distribute on Social Media

Social media is an effective tool for sharing your content with users who are looking for it.
Look for Facebook groups and influencers of potential customer groups to learn about their pain points.

Create content that readers want, and you will undoubtedly see an increase in your organic traffic efforts.

What makes the organic traffic formula so effective?

Without a doubt, the most effective way to generate shared links is to create engaging content that includes keywords and is free of jargon.
But the formula is more than just focusing on keywords.
You should also be familiar with social media.

Along with keywords and social sharing, you must work hard in social media.
Use your social media accounts to spread the word about your content.
Don’t just make a post about it and then leave it up to others to share.

Use sharing buttons in your posts to publish useful and insightful content.
Business buzzwords do not belong on social media.
It is used to spread the word about your brand, products, and services.


This is the essence of search engine optimization psychology.

It all comes down to how many times a searcher finds your content.

To increase organic traffic to your website, you must generate enough interest to appear on search engine indexing pages, allowing people to find you.

Several strategies, in my experience, generate organic traffic.

The organic traffic formula is my favorite because it generates success using the most concrete data.

And the only tried and true way to get long-term organic traffic is to provide massive value to your readers.

Paid Ads: Should Travel Business Invest in Them?

Based on reports, paid ads and social networks represents an overall of 28% of the whole time spent by hoteliers on online marketing. This makes for the time when they select to get in touch with their throbbing on the internet area consisting of their fans as well as fans throughout all gadgets. As for sharing as well as curating impactful content is worried, it has actually been located that hoteliers have actually done rather an excellent work till now.

The worth of investing in paid ads: You know you will just end up obtaining

However, those of you who want to churn out even much better on the internet projects – must turn to social media sites cost-free ads. It has actually been proved that these paid ads have done 8 times better than publication web sites or display campaigns. Now, we are all knowledgeable about exactly how Google AdWords/PPC/Facebook paid ads can offer significant grip to the on the internet presence of brands. Today, we will certainly have an in-depth check out exactly how they work.

As per a study, a multi-property brand had actually experienced a drastic earnings enhancement (read 1,373%!!!) by introducing an individual ad campaign on Facebook as well as multi-channel projects incorporating Facebook ads.

Now, extremely merely speaking, services frequently buy Facebook-promoted blog posts to ensure that their blog posts appear greater than others in the news feed. Thus, there’re much better possibilities of individuals seeing their brand. Nevertheless, there are still numerous small business proprietors that are not yet prepared to spend a little on these advertised articles. Specialists, on the other hand, have repetitively stressed the fact that Facebook news feeds and EdgeRank are making a great deal of sound in recent times, as well as in the midst of all this noise, you’re not actually attempting to invest time in paid articles after that be definitely certain about the truth that your blog posts are getting lost in all the shout.

Paid ads

Currently, it is very crucial for companies to recognize that their size always does not have to function as an obstacle on their way to Internet Community success. They don’t always have to pay big in order to reinforce internet community sites visibility. Investing a small amount of money can help them significantly hereof.

More concerning them

Internet Community site advertisements have advanced a whole lot from the moment they had really made their appearance. Today a platform like Facebook enables marketing professionals to target their own e-mail database across networks. Businesses, based on specialists, ought to seriously take into consideration incorporating behavioral targeting in their FB marketing campaign as it would help them to zero in on users making travel plans.

Newsfeed algorithms are also making a steady shift towards paid material. Therefore, it just makes sense for marketing professionals to buy promoted content as well as devise advertising and marketing campaigns that will efficaciously assist you reach your customers at different stages of their trip.

If you are not yet focusing on internet community paid Ads then we can all the best really hope that the points mentioned above will certainly help you act or else.

The suggestions discussed in the message will certainly be helpful also- we hope!